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Different Types of Sex Crimes and the Consequence of the Offense

You should know that you are not alone as a survivor of the sexual assault or abuse as the indecency with a child and there is still help for this crime when you are a victim. It is hard to report when this case happens since you need to have to prove but you need to be confident and take action of what to do. In this article, there are different types of sex crimes and the consequence of the offense this include.

Rape is one of the categories for a sex crime. The word force is not an implication of the physical force only buy a forcible rape can be from the result of blackmail or coercion. The statutory rape is like the indecency with a child where is entail and adult and minor; thus, minor cannot properly give the consent when the eyes of the law. There is also the spousal rape that is forcible rape between couples who are married, this also is a crime that you need to report so that the victim can face the law.

There is a type of indecent behavior. This type of crime is the indecency with a child is considered a less offense that is not very serious to the law; this includes the exposure of the body part to stimulate arousal. The indecency with a child is this type of sex crime that the minor is below the age of 17; thus, they will be charged with indecency with a child case where an adult exposes to the minor.

There is the type of the internet and sex crimes. The meeting the minor for sexual activity is not the internet sex crime that you can report, there are other purposes that need to be fulfilled. The offenders who have linked child pornography must register with sex offenders for the rest of the life where they can face hefty charges, fines, and even imprisonment.

There is the category of the attempts and assaults. The attempts and assaults is also a sex crime where the offender tries to complete the task of intimacy but it fails, you need to report this case to find justice. The attempts and assaults can be oral sex, fondling, groping; thus, the penetration does not occur but the victim should press charge t find justice.

You need to seek the help of a professional or counselor when you are a victim.